Jungle Stick : L'engrais naturel idéal pour un printemps florissant

Jungle Stick: The ideal natural fertilizer for a flourishing spring

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your garden and encourage lush growth among your beloved plants. If you're looking for a natural and effective way to improve the health of your indoor and outdoor garden, look no further than the Jungle Stick. This revolutionary organic fertilizer is your ally to nourish the soil and stimulate plant growth in a sustainable way. In this article, we dive into the benefits of Jungle Stick and how to use it to achieve a vibrant garden this spring.

What is the Jungle Stick ?

Jungle Feed is a natural fertilizer based on organic raw materials, specially designed to nourish the soil and improve plant health. Composed primarily of insect frass and other nutrient-rich natural elements, the Jungle stick offers an eco-friendly approach to enriching the soil without compromising the environment.

Benefits of using the Jungle Stick during spring:

- Enrich the soil: Natural ingredients improve the structure of the soil by increasing its water retention capacity and promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

- Provide essential nutrients: our NPK 4-3-3 formula, perfect for any plant variety, gives strength and health to your plants.

- Improve plant resilience: Plants fed with Jungle Stick are better equipped to resist diseases, pests and harsh environmental conditions.

- Ecological and sustainable: In addition to being compatible with organic farming, insect frass is one of the natural fertilizers with the lowest ecological impact (mainly due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and space). Its use thus reduces your environmental footprint while promoting gardening that respects nature and support for French farmers.

How to use Jungle Stick in spring?

Using our natural fertilizer is simple and effective:
- in case of repotting: before repotting, mix the fertilizer with the potting soil (regardless of its nature) to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients.

- without repotting: distribute the Jungle Stick granules in the soil of your plants for an additional nutrient supply. When watering, the natural fertilizer will swell and can spread into your plant's substrate.

→ After any application, water the soil well to activate the nutrients and make them penetrate the roots.

Perfect for those who don't want to bother with calculations and measurements, our Jungle Stick releases its benefits gradually, avoiding overdose. It is therefore the dream solution for peaceful and eco-responsible gardening. Adopt Jungle Stick and make your garden a lush and eco-friendly haven of peace.

It will also be possible to combine with other sustainable practices: combine the Jungle Stick with Jungle Buddies, find our complete kit to maintain your pretty indoor and outdoor plants. This kit is the green armor of your garden, giving your plants everything they need to thrive every moment. Combining jungle sticks (natural fertilizer) to feed your plants and a Jungle Buddies to get rid of midges and thrips. Jungle Buddies are an invisible but powerful guardian. This is your first line of defense.


This spring, transform your garden into a thriving paradise with Jungle Feed. By nourishing the soil with the exceptional natural fertilizer, you support the healthy growth of your plants while preserving the environment. Reap the benefits of nature-friendly gardening and enjoy a vibrant, life-filled indoor and outdoor space. With Jungle Feed, make your garden a place where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.

Get started today and discover the wonders Jungle Feed can bring to your garden this spring!

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