Guide Complet pour l'Entretien des Plantes d'Extérieur avec Jungle Feed

Complete Guide to Outdoor Plant Care with Jungle Feed

Gardening is the art of caring for and planting plants. This visually contributes to having a more pleasant exterior to live in. Outdoor plants require careful care to remain vibrant. In this article, we'll explore best practices for caring for outdoor plants. While focusing on specific examples like citrus fruits, olive trees, and flowering plants. At the same time, we will see how to integrate Jungle Feed innovations for an ecological and sustainable approach.

General maintenance

Outdoor plants thrive with a balance of water, light, and nutrients. They also need appropriate watering, correct exposure to sunlight, rich and well-drained soil. At critical times, when plants seem to be languishing or producing little (especially citrus fruits), a nutritional boost makes all the difference. The Jungle Stick, rich in essential nutrients, revitalizes plants, stimulating their growth and flowering.

Maintenance of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits, such as lemon trees, require special care to make them bear fruit. They need plenty of sun and regular watering, without excess, to avoid root rot. In fact, the hotter it is, the thirstier the lemon tree (or citrus fruit in general) will be. During the growing season, additional nutrients are crucial. Jungle fertilizer sticks are perfect for enriching the soil with nutrients, ensuring an abundance of tasty fruit.

Maintenance of olive trees

The olive tree, the Mediterranean tree par excellence, symbolizes peace and longevity. It prefers dry, sunny soils and does not tolerate excess humidity. Annual pruning helps maintain its structure and promote good olive production. Jungle Feed products provide balanced nutrition, supporting the healthy growth of the tree and optimizing the harvest.

Care of Flowering Plants

Flowering plants, such as dipladenia, grevillea, jasmine... offer a colorful and fragrant spectacle in gardens. These outdoor plants require rich soil, good sunlight, and protection from pests. To combat thrips and mealybugs, Jungle Buddies will be your best ally. At the same time, feeding with Jungle sticks guarantees abundant and lasting flowering.


Ecological gardening with Jungle Feed not only enriches the earth but also strengthens our connection with nature. By adopting environmentally friendly solutions for outdoor plant care, we are contributing to a greener and healthier future. Plants thrive, and in turn, they nourish our souls, beautify our gardens and purify our air, celebrating life in all its forms.


How many times a week should I water my outdoor plants?
Watering depends on the type of plant, the season, and climatic conditions. Generally, less frequent deep watering is preferable to small daily waterings.

When should I use the Jungle Stick?
You can use the stick when you observe signs of weakness or lack of production in your plants. This will give them an essential nutritional boost. It is recommended to apply it every season.

How do I protect my flowering plants from pests?
Jungle Buddies is ideal for controlling thrips and mealybugs, it must be applied according to the instructions on the packet for ecological protection.

Can I use Jungle Feed on all outdoor plants?
Yes, Jungle Feed products are designed for use on a wide range of outdoor plants.

By adopting these tips and using Jungle Feed's innovative products, you will not only be able to enrich the health of your outdoor plants but also actively participate in preserving the environment. In fact, all products are 100% natural. Caring for outdoor plants, although sometimes demanding, is a rewarding path to a fulfilling and sustainable green space.

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