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Jungle feed

Complete maintenance kit

Complete maintenance kit

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The complete kit is the perfect solution for caring for your pretty indoor and outdoor plants. Our complete kit includes 4 jungle sticks (natural fertilizer) and 1 jungle Buddies.

For serious plant lovers, give your green plants what they deserve. This kit is the green armor of your garden, giving your plants everything they need to thrive every moment.

In this pack you will obviously find jungle sticks (natural fertilizer) to feed your plants and a Jungle Buddies to get rid of midges and thrips. Jungle Buddies are an invisible but powerful guardian. It is your first line of defense.

Each Jungle Stick releases essential nutrients , phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, to guarantee stable and continuous growth. All while being respectful of the environment, your animals and your interior because it is odorless.

With this Jungle Feed maintenance kit, you can cultivate a lush indoor and outdoor garden. Choose sustainability with Jungle Feed and join our community.

In summary, in this maintenance kit you have:

  • 1 Jungle Buddies: to fight against thrips
  • 4 jungle stick: to feed 12 medium-sized plants/plants

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