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Jungle Feed

Natural Fertilizer - (Pack of 4) 4 Seasons Jungle Stick Kit

Natural Fertilizer - (Pack of 4) 4 Seasons Jungle Stick Kit

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One Jungle Stick is suitable for 6-8 small plants for an entire season. In addition to being compatible with organic farming , insect frass is one of the natural fertilizers with the lowest ecological impact (mainly due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and space).

  • Suitable for all types of plants (balanced NPK 4-4-3)
  • Usable in organic farming
  • Improves rooting and protects against parasites
  • Odorless and safe for your pets
  • Developed and manufactured in France

Naturally present in the form of residues in our Jungle Stick, the chitin which makes up the shell of insects has unique benefits: it stimulates the immune system of your plants and thus helps them defend themselves against diseases!

pictogram showing that the products are made in France Our raw material comes from local insect farms: buying Jungle Feed also means supporting our farmer friends throughout France (the packaging is recyclable and made in Bordeaux)

Very compact (a few grams are enough), its slow diffusion avoids any risk of forgetting or overdosing. Little extra: it is biologically stable and therefore safe for you and your pets !

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