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Jungle Feed

Natural fertilizer - Jungle Stick 10 + 2 FREE

Natural fertilizer - Jungle Stick 10 + 2 FREE

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Discover the secret to an indoor or outdoor garden that blooms all year round with our free jungle stick pack 10 + 2. Designed for green plant lovers, this organic and sustainable pack nourishes your indoor and outdoor plants for the whole season!

Give your plants and plants balance with our NPK 4-3-3 formula, perfect for any plant variety. Thanks to the Jungle Stick, your plants will gain strength and health .

Without any odor and completely safe for all your companions , this natural fertilizer is a heartfelt choice for those who care about the health of their plants and plants as much as that of their family.

pictogram showing that the products are made in France With so many Jungle Sticks, you not only support your plants but also our French farmers . This will be felt even in your floors. In addition, our eco-designed packaging, carefully created in France, fits perfectly into a waste reduction approach.

Perfect for those who don't want to bother with calculations and measurements, our Jungle Stick releases its benefits gradually, avoiding overdose. This is the dream solution for peaceful and eco-responsible gardening. Adopt Jungle Stick and make your garden a lush and eco-friendly haven of peace.

In addition to being compatible with organic farming , insect frass is one of the natural fertilizers with the lowest ecological impact (mainly due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and space). Suitable for 6-8 large plants for 1 year.

In summary, Jungle Stick is all of these:
  • Suitable for all types of plants (balanced NPK 4-4-3)
  • Usable in organic farming
  • Improves rooting and protects against parasites
  • Odorless and safe for your pets
  • Developed and manufactured in France

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