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Jungle Feed

Jungle Feed Precision Drip Sprinkler

Jungle Feed Precision Drip Sprinkler

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The Jungle Feed Drip Sprinkler is the watering solution for your indoor plants. This waterer adapts to all plant sizes. It ensures constant and moderate hydration, ideal for optimal maintenance of your plants and plants, without waste or effort.

Thanks to its adjustable water release system, it distributes precisely the amount of water needed, directly to the roots. This therefore promotes healthy and robust growth. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor plants. This sprinkler is a must-have for gardening lovers who care about the environment and want to simplify their plant care routine. 🌿👍

Not only will you keep your plants happy and hydrated, but you will also contribute to responsible water use. Opt for the Jungle Feed drip sprinkler and give your plants the care they deserve!

  • Continuous and even hydration
  • Adapts to all types of plants and pots
  • Significant water savings
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Sustainable and eco-responsible design
  1. Fill a bottle with water
  2. Insert this water bottle into the sprinkler
  3. Insert the sprinkler into the soil near the center of your plant.
  4. Adjust water flow by rotating the valve for a tailored release.
Let the sprinkler take care of continuously hydrating your plants, without worrying about daily watering🌼🛒

Add some green to your life and your shopping cart with the Jungle Feed Drip Sprinkler now!
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