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Your plants are like all living beings: they must sunbathe, breathe, drink and… eat! That’s why we developed Jungle Feed: a fertiliser with unique qualities that feeds your plants and enables insects to regain their natural role as allies of Nature


The chitin which derives from the carapace of insects strengthens the plants’ immune system so they become more resistant to diseases. The chitin is naturally present in Jungle Feed as residues so it helps plants to stay healthy and strong.


In addition to being compatible with organic farming, the frass from insects is among those fertilizers that have minimal ecological impact. This is due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and takes up little space.


A few grammes are enough: you don’t need to worry about feeding your plants for months as Jungle Feed releases its nutrients slowly. What is more, it is biologically stable, so presents no danger either to you or to your pets.


Our raw material comes from local insect farms. When you buy Jungle Feed you support our farmers all over France. As for the packaging, it is recyclable and made in Bordeaux.

The Jungle Stick

It feeds three middle-sized plants for three months!

This natural fertilizer, uniquely, contains rich organic matter (a feature absent from synthetic products). It serves as a natural, long-lasting plant food. The fact that it is in a dry, granular, (and odourless) form means that it diffuses slowly in the soil. It prevents drying out by retaining water and ensures that your plants put down healthy roots.

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Nitrogen (38,5 g/kg) : develops the aerial part of the plant.
Phosphorus (39,1 g/kg) : feeds its roots and boost its flowering.
Potassium (25,5 g/kg) : increases its resistance to disease.

+ Organic matter > 80%.

+ Trace elements : zinc, iron, manganese

Our explorers’ views

  • New leaves have appeared on my plants fed at the Jungle Feed 😁 it is however rare in this period ! I’m going to give some to my big Monstera Variegata that I adopted recently. I love it 💚 I’m looking forward to spring to enjoy it even more !:)

    Flora |
  • My Pink Princess fed with Jungle Feed is doing well and continues to make leaves for me during the winter . And that’s great! 😀

    Caroline | @misere.pourpre
  • The format is great, practical, I’m a fan of the packaging and the instructions are super clear 🐞🌿

    Léa | @labotanie

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