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Based on bio-inspiration, the products we develop have been designed to allow you to easily reproduce at home some of the mechanisms found in natural ecosystems that are essential to the health of plants.

Made in France

Our raw material comes from local insect farms: buying Jungle Feed also means supporting our friends who are breeders all over France. The printing of the packaging and their assembly are done in Gironde by a traditional printing company and a ESAT

The Jungle Stick

100% natural fertilisers based on insect frass

Rated 4.9 out of 5

Jungles Sticks have a high organic content and are a sustainable food for your plants. Another advantage is that the residues of chitine, naturally present in our fertilizers, stimulate the immune system of your plants and help them defend themselves against parasites.

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The Jungle Buddies

Biological anti-thrips composed of nematodes

Rated 4.6 out of 5

Jungle Buddies are a fast (first results in 48h/72h) and effective biocontrol solution that provides long-lasting control of thrips and midge larvae. They are safe for your health, respect the planet and do not interfere with the growth of your plants.

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Feedback from our explorers

  • New leaves have appeared on my plants fed with Jungle Feed 😁 that’s rare at this time of year!!! I’m going to give some to my big Monstera Variegata that I adopted a little while ago. I love it 💚 can’t wait for spring to enjoy it even more!

    Flora |
  • My Pink Princess, fed with Jungle Feed, is doing well and continues to make me leaves throughout the winter… And that’s great! 😀

    Caroline | @misere.pourpre
  • The format is great, practical and the instructions are super clear. I’m a fan of the packaging! 🐞🌿

    Léa | @labotanie

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