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Jungle feed

Anti thrips, Anti midge - 2 in 1 - Jungle Buddies

Anti thrips, Anti midge - 2 in 1 - Jungle Buddies

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Our Jungle Buddies are made from a blend of diatomaceous earth and 3 million dormant nematodes (Steinernema Feltiae). Once awakened, our tiny companions (less than 1mm and invisible to the naked eye) immediately begin their mission: search for pest larvae through your substrate and naturally eliminate thrips and soil midges from your plants!


  • First results visible within 48 hours to 72 hours
  • Against thrips & soil fly larvae
  • Usable in organic farming
  • Easy application by simply watering
  • Developed and manufactured in France

Fill your watering can/sprayer halfway with water then pour the entire sachet into it. Mix the solution obtained to distribute the nematodes evenly. Finish filling and start watering your plants (mix regularly). In the case of treatment against thrips, it is advisable to eliminate adult insects in addition to nematodes.

Steinernema Feltiae are nematodes that can be found naturally in certain French soils. Those at the origin of Jungles Buddies are therefore quite naturally raised and conditioned in France. As for the packaging, it was designed, printed and assembled in Gironde in close collaboration with various local players.

Compatible with organic farming, Jungle Buddies only attacks pests and therefore respects useful organisms as well as crops, human beings and even domestic animals. Our solution is durable and does not cause resistance among pests (unlike certain chemical products, etc.).

Very space-saving, each Jungle Buddies can treat a dozen plants and comes in the form of a wettable powder which can be applied with a sprayer or using a watering can. It can be used all year round and carries no risk of overdose. The little extra: unlike traditional repellents, a single use is enough to protect your indoor plants for several months!

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