Jungle Feed : L'Innovation au Cœur de l'Agriculture Urbaine

Jungle Feed: Innovation at the Heart of Urban Agriculture

The world of urban agriculture is undergoing a transformation thanks to sustainable innovations like Jungle Feed, an organic fertilizer designed to meet the unique challenges of urban gardening.

This fertilizer is not only an eco-friendly choice, it is a true elixir for urban plants looking to thrive in small spaces and often harsh environments.

Urban Agriculture Starts with the Composition of Jungle Feed:

Jungle Feed is made from a balanced blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Each playing a crucial role in plant health:

Explanatory diagram showing the key components of Jungle Feed for urban agriculture: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, with their respective benefits for the plant.
  • Nitrogen (N) : Essential for the development of the aerial part of the plant. Nitrogen stimulates the growth of leaves and stems, ensuring lush greenery.
  • Phosphorus (P) : Vital for root development and flowering. Phosphorus helps plants establish a strong foundation and produce vibrant flowers.
  • Potassium (K) : Strengthens plant resistance to disease. Potassium is a key element for overall plant health and vigor.

Origin of Jungle Feed Innovation

The idea for Jungle Feed was born from the need to find a sustainable and efficient solution for urban agriculture. By combining in-depth agronomic knowledge with a passion for ecology, the creators of Jungle Feed have developed a fertilizer that not only supports plant growth but also contributes to the health of the urban ecosystem.

Directions for Use for Organic Farming

Jungle Feed is ideal for use in organic farming. It is recommended to incorporate the fertilizer directly into the soil near the roots. Indeed, this allows for a slow and constant release of nutrients. For potted plants, a measured amount of Jungle Feed can be sprinkled onto the soil surface and then watered to allow nutrients to seep into the substrate.

Urban Agriculture and Jungle Feed

Urban agriculture adopts Jungle Feed fertilizer very easily. Its concentrated formula is perfect for rooftop gardens, balconies and small indoor spaces. It offers city dwellers a way to grow their own food or create lush green spaces. Even in the densest urban environments.

The use of Jungle Feed in urban agriculture not only represents a breakthrough in sustainable and local food production, but also strengthens the connection between city dwellers and nature. It's a step towards a future where cities are filled with greenery, contributing to the health of our planet and its people.


With Jungle Feed, urban agriculture is given an opportunity to thrive. Whether you are an amateur gardener on your balcony or an organic farming professional, this organic fertilizer is the key to healthy plants and bountiful harvests. Jungle Feed is not just a product; it is a pillar of a green revolution taking root in our cities, transforming gray rooftops into lush oases and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Get involved in the urban farming movement with Jungle Feed, and watch your plants flourish in harmony with the urban environment. It is the organic fertilizer of choice for those who value sustainability, quality and vigor in gardening. Join us on this green adventure and let Jungle Feed fuel your passion for a greener world.

FAQs about Jungle Feed and Urban Agriculture:

What types of plants can benefit from using Jungle Feed?
Jungle Feed is universally beneficial for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers and houseplants. Its balanced composition makes it ideal for almost all varieties.

Is Jungle Feed safe for pets that might frequent my garden?
Yes, Jungle Feed is made from natural ingredients. The product is safe for pets.
“However, we always advise storing it out of their reach to avoid excessive ingestion

Where can I buy Jungle Feed?
Jungle Feed is available online directly from our website, as well as from selected distributors who share our commitment to sustainability. You can also find it at local events and markets focused on gardening and organic farming.

Can I use my Jungle Feed all year round?
Absolutely. Jungle Feed can be used during all seasons to maintain plant health. However, plant nutritional needs can vary by season, so adjust amounts based on growing cycles.

Is Jungle Feed certified organic?
Yes, Jungle Feed is certified organic. This certification ensures a product without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers and in respect of the environment.

Can I combine Jungle Feed with other types of fertilizer or compost?
Jungle Feed can be used alone or in addition to other organic amendments such as compost. If you choose to combine products, be careful not to over-fertilize, which could be counterproductive.

How much Jungle Feed should I use for my pots?
The quantity varies depending on the size of the pot and the type of plant. As a general rule, one teaspoon per medium-sized pot every month is a good place to start, but refer to the instructions provided for specific recommendations.

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