Comment le Jungle Buddies Fait Revivre Votre Jardin Contre Les Nuisibles ?

How Jungle Buddies Revives Your Garden Against Pests?

When pests start to invade our green spaces, the fight can seem unequal. Fortunately, an ecological revolution is underway to restore balance in our gardens and homes: Jungle Buddies . Designed to be an invisible but formidable warrior against thrips and midges, this innovative product is a blessing for any gardener or indoor and outdoor plant enthusiast.

A Natural and Powerful Solution

Jungle Buddies is a unique blend of diatomaceous earth and millions of nematodes specially selected for their effectiveness against pests. These nematodes, dormant in the product, awaken once in contact with water, ready to begin their vital mission: hunting and eliminating the larvae of thrips and soil flies directly in the substrate of your plants.

Fast and Sustainable Effectiveness

One of the best things about Jungle Buddies is how quickly they work. The first results are visible in just 48 to 72 hours after application. Jungle Buddies offer an immediate solution to pest problems. This treatment is quick. It is also durable and environmentally friendly, usable in organic farming and without the risk of developing resistance among pests.

Ease of use

The Jungle Buddies application is childishly simple. Simply fill your watering can or sprayer halfway with water, pour the contents of the sachet into it and mix well to distribute the nematodes. After completing the filling, you can begin watering your plants, making sure to mix the solution regularly. For optimal treatment against thrips, it is recommended to also eliminate adult insects in addition to the application of nematodes.

An Ecological and Local Commitment

Jungle Buddies aren't just effective. They are also the result of an ecological and local approach. The nematodes are raised and packaged in France. The packaging is designed, printed, and assembled in France, in collaboration with local players. This approach guarantees a quality product, respectful of the environment and supporting the local economy.

Respect for Biodiversity

Unlike some chemicals that can harm beneficial organisms and the environment, Jungle Buddies only targets pests. They are compatible with organic farming and safe for crops, humans, and pets. Each application protects your plants for several months, without risk of overdose and without bulk, since the product comes in the form of an easy-to-apply wettable powder.

In short, Jungle Buddies represents a significant step forward in the fight against pests. The product offers a natural, effective and planet-friendly solution, making gardening and caring for indoor plants more enjoyable and less worrying. With Jungle Buddies, rediscover the joy of a healthy garden and a thriving interior, free from pest invasions.


By adopting Jungle Buddies into your gardening routine, you are opting for an ecological revolution. This product, designed and manufactured with passion in France, embodies the harmony between innovation, respect for the environment, and efficiency. It not only makes it possible to effectively combat thrips and midges, but also to participate in an overall approach to sustainable gardening. Jungle Buddies are living proof that it is possible to protect our beloved plants while preserving the biodiversity around us. Choosing Jungle Buddies means taking part in a green adventure, guaranteeing a healthier future for our gardens and for the planet.

FAQ: Everything about Jungle Buddies

How long does it take to see the effects of Jungle Buddies?

Results from Jungle Buddies are visible as early as 48-72 hours after application, providing a quick and effective solution to pests such as thrips and fungus gnats.

Are Jungle Buddies organic?

Absolutely, Jungle Buddies are perfectly compatible with organic farming. They specifically target pests without harming beneficial organisms, crops, humans or pets.

How to apply Jungle Buddies?

To apply Jungle Buddies, simply dilute the contents of the sachet in your watering can or sprayer, fill with water, mix well, and water your plants with the solution. For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to mix regularly during watering.

Where are Jungle Buddies made?

Jungle Buddies are proud to be developed and manufactured in France, with a strong commitment to quality and supporting local economies. Their packaging is also designed and assembled in France, in collaboration with local players.

How long are Jungle Buddies effective after application?

A single application of Jungle Buddies provides long-lasting protection for your plants, keeping them safe from pest infestations for several months. This makes it both an efficient and economical solution.

Is there a risk of overdose with Jungle Buddies?

No, there is no risk of overdose with Jungle Buddies. Their natural formulation is designed to be safe and effective, even when applied generously, allowing you to use the product without fear for the health of your plants.

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